“You Are Fat,” Dad Said.


Talking about weight lost seems to never end. Two years ago when I started writing my weight loss journal on WeightLossThing.com, I remember I’d lost 15 pounds and was wanting to lose another 10 pounds of my last stubborn fat. You know how hard it is to lose weight and how easy to gain it back. Two years has gone by really fast. Forget about losing 10lbs, I have now gained 20 lbs instead. That makes a total of 30 lbs. to lose Phew!! –

Within two years? Geez!!.. why is it so difficult to maintain weight? Why why why body! Why do you need to change?

Am I Fat?

There’s something you really need to understand and watch really carefully once you’ve lost the weight. It’s the maintenance part. The big mistake a lot of people run into after dropping the weight is going back to their old habit. We always take things for granted. We forget the struggling so easily. Even though we don’t do it right away, a few extra calories over time add up.

That includes me. I always said to myself, I can eat this and that because I’m still skinny now. But I don’t realize (maybe I realize but try to ignore it) weight is always accumulating over time. It can take three months, six or even a year.

Last month I traveled home to see my parents overseas. We saw bunch of pictures of me from five years ago when I left them and some pictures from two or a year ago. Since we hadn’t seen each other for about 5 and one-half years, it was really shocking for them to see how much I have changed.

My dad told me “You are gaining weight, that is, you are fat.“ I know he didn’t have an intention to hurt me, that’s just the way he says things because he knows me. My dad is the only person I know who can say things really honest in front of you no matter whether it hurts or not.

But he has a point though. It depends on who, how, when and where you use “honest words.” Some people need harsh words and others don’t. I’m a stubborn person. I need strong words to finally make me a move.

Unlike my husband who always says things in his sweetest voice and smiles “almost” honey; “you are not fat, just borderline” because he doesn’t want to hurt me. But that doesn’t impact me much. If he said that, for me, that means I’m still Okay.

My dad’s words indeed struck with me. “I’m fat.“ I need to do something before it’s too late, I thought to myself.

And that is how my new passage begins…………………… to try another try  (“My Dear Body” June 1, 2010)