Why I joined Nutrisystem


According to my BMI (Body Mass Index) I’m not fat at all. I used to weigh 100lbs, wearing size 0-2 clothes and looking good. BUT that was 4 years ago just before I got married. Since then, I’ve gained 25 pounds! Obviously marriage makes me happy. My husband and I love to eat. We enjoy being together and eating good food. The result is that we missed the part where we need to take care of ourselves.

Personally, I disagree with BMI formula that’s says I’m in a healthy weight. Being 5 inches tall and 125lbs, I think I’m in the fat category. I have a pear body type where my belly, thighs, bottom and calves were the first parts to gain weight. They jiggle and look like an orange peel. I try to love my body but I don’t think I like those parts when I’m gaining weight.

Last year I tried to loose weight and I succeeded in losing 15 pounds within 8 months. I was so happy. BUT maintaining a slim weight is like caring for plants that you need to water and nurture so they can grow healthy. You can’t just loose weight and then after you achieve your goal, put it in the closet and forget about it.

You need to keep maintaining your body everyday. Keep exercising and continuing living in your healthy lifestyle. THAT’S the part I forgot.
I thought “well I’m in a good weight now, I can eat whatever I want”. But that’s a wrong mind set. After succeeding in loosing weight, a couple of months later, I started eating fries, burgers, and ice cream again. Because I never cooked at home, we bought food or ate out almost every night. That habit sped up my weight gain.
In 6 months I’ve gained my 10 pounds back. I tried so hard to loose that 10 pounds but it seems so hard. I had up and down moments. Sometimes I was in my high mode but sometimes I just didn’t care about it. I was addicted to good food. The sad part was, I had to get some new clothes in bigger sizes. I was so upset to see that. I want to be able to wear all my clothes again. After 8 months struggling in a yoo..yoo..diet, I finally decided that this time I want to loose weight. But I needed help and a huge motivation for this.

When I saw a Nutrisystem advertisement on TV, I had a good feeling about it. With support from my husband who also gained weight a lot since we got married, I decide to joined the Nutrisystem diet. My husband wants to use me as a rabbit experiment. If Nutrisystem really works, then he will join it. Seeing is believing he said.
On March 25, 2008 I joined Nutrisystem. It cost me $299.59 + Free shipping and 2 weeks free meals. That’s a lot cheaper than the Jenny Craig diet. Think about this, $299.59 means you only spend $10 /day–that’s like spending on your regular food everyday and or even cheaper. The benefit is you don’t need to think about what you want to cook or eat for the day because everything is ready for you. Especially for someone like me who is lazy to cook, I really like this kind of diet. I got the email confirmation within 5 minutes. I can’t wait for my Nutrisystem.