Weight Loss Can Leave You With Sagging Skin; Fat Loss Doesnt


Are you fed up with the fat around your waist, hips or thighs?  If you said “yes”, in answer to the question, you may be ready to do something effective about it that also improves your health and well being for the rest of your life.

It is essential that you understand these three things, before I go any further

  • many people think that fat loss and weight loss are the same thing; they are not
  • you can lose weight by dieting, but you dont lose fat by dieting
  • there is only one way for fat loss to occur and that is by exercising

Therefore if you want to rid your body of unwanted fat, you must embrace and do a fat burning exercise regimen.

Does An Optimum Fat Burning Exercise Exist?

There is no such thing as a best exercise routine for fat loss.  But, there is an exercise regimen that would be best for you personally.

There are two broad categories of exercise. They are aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise.

Examples of aerobic fat burning exercise are bicycle riding, brisk walking, swimming and jogging. An example of anaerobic exercise is strength or resistance training.  There are other examples of anaerobic exercise, but to discuss them in this article would cause me to deviate from the main message of this article.

A good strength training regimen is most effective in achieving fat loss.  However strength training does not appeal to everybody.  You will achieve your fat loss objectives by doing aerobic exercise that burns fat, without doing strength training.

How You Burn Fat During Aerobic Exercise?

When doing fat burning exercise, your body does not immediately begin to burn fat. There are stages it goes through before it uses fat for energy. In the first few minutes of exercise, your body uses carbohydrates for energy and not fat. This lasts for approximately 10 minutes. At that point, you begin to use fat for energy.

You will only burn fat if you exert yourself at the right level for you. For you, the right level is when you exert yourself enough so that your body needs more oxygen.   How can you tell if it is the right level for you?

  1. you are breathing at a faster pace than is usual, but you are not gasping for air
  2. you may have some perspiration at the small of your back and at the back of your neck
  3. If you are unable to hold a conversation while exercising and you are breathless, you are exerting yourself beyond your current level of fitness

If you experience dizziness or lightheadedness, it is not a good sign. It means that you are overexerting yourself and you should stop.

Your body will not begin to burn fat for energy, if you do not exert yourself sufficiently. Carbohydrates will remain the energy source for your body. If this is what happens, you will lose mostly water weight, which leads to a decrease in your metabolism. This is the opposite of what you want, because the higher your metabolism the more fat you will burn.

Also please understand that just because you reached the fat burning stage, does not mean you will stay there. You will continue to burn fat if you maintain the pace that is right for your body.

What Exercise Routine Will You Do To Burn Fat?

There is much for you to learn, before deciding on the best exercise routine for you,. You will experience frustration and upset if you do not get this right. It could even lead you to abandoning your weight loss efforts.

Will you do strength training or aerobic exercise? Or will you do both?

Are all types of aerobic exercise equally effective at fat burning?

Click on the link that follows to learn what you need to know to help you decide on the best fat burning exercise regimen for you.