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The 5 Factor Diet – Can You Count to Five?

5 Factor Diet

Have you walked down the isle at your local bookstore and noticed how many different dieting books there are on the shelf? You could spend all day in that one isle looking for a dieting plan that fits your needs. Harley Pasternak is a nutrition and fitness expert who has helped many celebrities stay fit, has a great 5 Factor Diet that can accommodate almost anyone who is truly motivated to lose weight and eat more healthy.

 What Are the 5 Factors?

The 5 Factor Diet consist of eating 5 meals a day that must have these 5 ingredients in each meal, high Protein, fiber, healthy carbs and healthy fats and finally a sugar-free drink. Next is the exercise routines which are 5 times a week and are made of 5 different phases and only 5 minutes each, for a total of 25 minutes a day. They are a great set and really get you motivated for your day. Harley does encourage you to drink plenty of water throughout the diet. This helps eliminate a lot of bad toxins from your body.

The meals that are provided in the book are very easy to prepare, (usually only take about 5 minutes) and are great tasting foods. The down side that I noticed in some meals are the availability of some of the meats such as ostrich and bison. These may be hard to come by. The snacks are great, and even kids love them! One great thing about the 5 Factor diet is that you get one “Free” day a week to eat whatever you want without feeling guilty! Most people will chose this day to be on the weekend to spend it with the family. I love that part of the diet!

 Is the 5 Factor only available in a book form? No! You can actually try out the 5 Factor through their website. It costs about $4.00 a week. If you choose to try it online, you get great shopping list to help you plan your weekly meals, hundreds of great tasting recipes and even a “recipe” box to keep your favorite meals, daily and weekly meal planner, food log notebook and even an eating out guide to help you pick the best things to order when eating out.  If you are just too busy to prepare your meals, you can order pre-made meals and snacks through the website too. These are pretty expensive and run for about $450 for a one week supply.

Is the 5 Factor for Everyone?

If you are searching for an easy to follow diet plan and are looking for a diet that allows you to eat good tasting foods, this would work for you. You must follow the healthy eating habits that Harley teaches you.

 The 5 Factor may NOT work for those who have emotional eating habits, as the book and the online version fail to mention anything about this topic. Those who have a very busy lifestyle and can not eat every 3 to 4 hours may have a hard time getting through this diet plan as you are encouraged to eat 5 small healthy meals a day.

In conclusion, if you are seeking a diet plan that will allow you to eat your favorite foods and to teach you healthy eating habits, I would suggest trying out the 5 Factor diet. What have you got to loose….except maybe a few extra pounds!

Lose Weight Diet

We could all lose a pound or two, could we not? Of course we can. Some people only want to shave off five or ten pounds. Other people have significant weight loss and health goals that involve losing fifty or more pounds. There is a diet plan that’ll help you lose weight, irrespective of how much you’d like to lose. Do not be fooled by infomercial rubbish and miracle pills. If you want a diet to lose weight you have to know that it is not only a diet, but also a lifestyle.

Take A Look At The Diet Plan

Being on a diet doesn’t mean starving yourself. It just means portion control and making healthy choices. One week start dieting, keep a journal of everything that you eat. Write down everything that you eat on an average day, as well as the amount.

Mark healthy foods in one colour and unhealthy foods in another colour at the end of the week. You may be surprised at the results.

Now it’s time to start the diet. Begin with breakfast and make five small meals your daily aim. It is suggested that you have fruit or veg, fiber and protein in every meal. So that means that an egg, two slices of toast and a six ounce glass of juice will be a great breakfast. You could even make an omelet with some vegetables inside of it.

Then you can have some fruit or trail mix for a mid-morning snack. Have a sandwich on whole grain bread for lunch along with some fresh vegetables, a salad, or your leftover veggies from the night before. In the afternoon, you should stick to fresh produce when snacking. Nuts, fruit and yoghurt for example.

At dinner have moderately sized portions of grilled or baked meat, rice, noodles, or potatoes, and (again) some vegetables. You can even have a small dessert as your reward. Frozen yoghurt and vanilla ice cream in the correct portion sizes will make a guilt free dessert.

This is a just a basic outline of a diet to lose weight. Every individual diet will differ from the next. You have to account for allergies and eating preferences, but this article gives a good foundation on which to base your new, chosen lifestyle.

You also have to account for your guilty pleasure food. It is okay to treat yourself to unhealthy food every once in a while. You just need to watch the quantity. Have one slice of greasy pizza or one of those mini Hagen Daaz containers. Order the small fries or go for the mini M&Ms. Also, tell the people you’re close to that you’re trying to lose weight. They’ll often assist you by tending to your needs. Do not forget that you’ll very likely need moral support for your diet.

Visit This Great Diet Website (site down?)

South Beach Diet Weight Loss

South Beach Diet

Can South Beach Diet weight loss last? So many diets tout that weight loss is possible with their particular diet. Sure, many diets offer weight loss, and if a person should follow the diet without cheating then weight loss will occur.

However, isn’t that really part of the question? The efficacy of a diet not only relies on whether or not it actually works for weight loss but whether it has any “stickability.” Can the person stay on the diet? How long can the person stay on the diet? Has the diet taken into account the dieters likes and dislikes? How practical is the diet?

In addition to that, a diet must allow for lasting weight loss. So, with the South Beach Diet, weight loss needs to be actually doable as well as long term. Let’s see how it rates.

Designed as a means to lower cholesterol and help diabetics, the South Beach Diet starts off with a two week sort of cleansing period. During this time, no fruit, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, sugar, alcohol or baked goods are allowed. Afterwards, healthier carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables are slowly reintroduced. Read More

Love Hungry -Tales from the Darkside Diet –

Of all the episodes “Tales from the Darkside,” LOVE HUNGRY is my most favorite episode. It sticks in my head for all these years. Everytime I think about diet, I remember Betsy and her extreme weight loss program. I hope after seeing this video you will really WANT to lose weight 😀

Video part 3 is my most favorite one. The end of the story is really funny and scary at the same time. Enjoy!
Read More

New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

Can you believe that in a few more days we will be in year 2009? Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? Last year I told myself that I wanted to lose 15 lbs. I haven’t even started yet and now the year 2008 almost come to an end. Instead of loosing weight I’m gaining 5 lbs arggghhh!!.

Everyday we hear the news about how bad the economy will be in the coming year. We don’t know what the year 2009 will be like. One thing we have to understand is that worry won’t change anything one bit. Let’s take a positive thing out of the negative. Be an optimist and believe that everything will be better. Despite the economic crisis, this is actually the best time to lose weight. Cut all the unnecessary spending, cut eating out and cook at home more. Read More

Reasons To Create Your Own Diet Meals

Did I tell you that I quit the Nutrisystem program a few weeks a go. Why? not because the program was bad, but because I want to challenge myself. I found interesting that the food provided by certain diet programs was actually similar to the food that I eat regularly. So I’m thinking why I need to spend money while I can find my own way and create my own diet meals. Okay I confess, the honest reason is actually because I’m too stingy to spend money. It hurts my heart when I have to pay $300 a month just to get the same food that I believe I can make it my own.

Its a lot cheaper and you can be more fun because you won’t get bored to eat the same food over and over for a year. If you eat the same food all the time, like vaccines, your body will be immune. In that case, YES! you will loose weight, not because of the program, but because you are tired of the food and you don’t want to eat it anymore. Just to see the food makes you lose your appetite (heheeh…… that’s my theory ). Read More

Health Diet Nutrition

Health diet nutrition topics are abundant on the web as well as traditional media. It’s a billion dollar a year industry because the mass majority of us wish to obtain that perfect body and somewhere along the lines, hope for good health as well. Unfortunately, most folks think about weight loss more than health. They are willing to throw their money away and try anything to lose weight.

The fact is that diet health and fitness don’t always go hand in hand. Sadly, many people are tricked into believing that if they spend enough that they’ll be able to lose weight quickly and keep it off. That’s just not the truth. The scary truth is that most of these fad diets are nothing more than gimmicks and smoke screens that can actually be far more harmful than good. Read More

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