Anyone Struggling to Lose the Last Few Pounds?


I’m still struggling to loose the last 15 pounds I want to get rid of. I can’t believe it’s so hard for me to lose 15 pounds. I have been trying so hard for about 1 year now. I’m doing exercise regularly 4-5 days a week and am watching what I eat. But it seems I can’t lose that stubborn 15 pounds.  Help!!! What’s wrong with me? I’m not sure why.

My weight has been stable for about 3 years. I want to achieve my desired goal of weighing 100lbs but it seems so hard. The reason why I want to loose 15 pounds is because I’m not that tall. I’m only 4″11 and I think 100lbs is the best weight for my small frame. What do ya’ll think?

I need to stay motivated and get back on track.  2 months ago I joined the Nutrisystem diet plan and I quit because I was too stingy.  But now I have joined Nutrisystem again. This time I ordered the dinner meal only.

Dinner is the most difficult and weakest part. Since my husband and I work full time, I don’t have time to cook (lazy is the right word) for our dinner so we always dine out.  Or buy dinner and eat it home.  Most of the time the food that we eat is not healthy food.

That’s the main reason why I decided to join the Nutrisystem diet plan again and order just the dinner meal only. Most of their dinners have calorie counts between 220-360. I hope that’ll help me.

Anybody have experience struggling to lose the last few pounds?


  1. Well, you’re right that eating out and grabbing fast food isn’t going to help you. I’ve always worked full time, and am a single mom. You can make a great tasting dinner in 15 or 20 minutes.

    The other thing I wonder is if you are eating the bulk of your calories at night, or do you eat throughout the day? If you ever notice, thin people eat all day long. They train their bodies to burn the food practically as fast as they eat it. That won’t happen if you’re eating fat laden foods at night.

    And, you’re getting your fruits and veggies in…right?

  2. Hi Carole,

    Thanks for leaving your thoughtful comment on my blog. I used to eat the bulk of my calories at night. Especially fried food. But I exercise almost everyday for an hour. But now I try to eat throughout the day. I eat food which high in fiber, fruit and drink a lot of water.

    I’m thinking the weight I gain is because of muscle. I know muscle weighs more than fat. I don’t want muscle, I want to lose weight. If that’s the case I am probably stuck at my healthy weight.

    But I still want to lose my extra 10 pounds and I’ll be so happy.

  3. I’m having trouble too, would like to get down to 200 right now I’m 230. This coming year will be the year of exercise. I swim a few laps a few days ago and felt great but not to sure if I can find an indoor pool in Atlanta near by.

    I am over weight and have been eating healthy for about a year now, on a customized Mediterranean diet. The main ingredient I left out last year was exercise.

    I believe even a little fat can be healthy and I’m more concerned with health than weight.

  4. I’m 5ft 7 1/2 inches tall, weigh 9 stone 5. I’ve been trying hard to shift 5 pounds to get back down to 9 stone to no avail. I exercise & eat healthily. last year I had an overactive thyroid & was prescribed Carbimazole, now as a result my thyroid has now turned slightly underactive. What can I do to speed up my metabolism enabling me to lose weight?

  5. I’ve been struggling since I gained postpartum weight. Maybe something in my body changed coz before I lose weight easily if I don’t drink water or if I just skip a meal. Now, the weight seems to want to stay for good. I have difficulties with desserts because I want it after every meal and when I say dessert – I mean, a slice of cheesecake or a brownie or a serving of ice cream. My goal for this year would be to lose that extra 15 pounds. Thank you for the articles presented because I know I’ll be making well-informed decisions when it comes to losing the extra weight.