Step Exercise for 4 Bucks


I went to Goodwill last week. I got a exercise step for just 4 bucks. It looks new and never been used. I always wanted to get an exercise step but it cost 30 bucks and I don’t want to spend $30-$40 for a step. I’m a frugal person and it always hurt my lung if I spend money for something I can wait to have. I always have a though at the back of my mind that I WILL get it one day no matter what and it will be cheap. Just a matter of time. So I thought I better wait and be patient.

Then, when I walked around at Goodwill last week, I saw an almost new step on the box sitting on the rack. It seemed it’s waiting for me to grab. it looks new and it’s probably been used for 2-3 times, but who cares.. You step on it anyway. See folks! Weight loss and being frugal go hand in hand 🙂 It’s important to be creative and not lose hope. Woouuhuuoo

Now it’s time to shape my buns with my new step … one! two! right and left! leave your buns up Suzana!