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South Beach Diet

Can South Beach Diet weight loss last? So many diets tout that weight loss is possible with their particular diet. Sure, many diets offer weight loss, and if a person should follow the diet without cheating then weight loss will occur.

However, isn’t that really part of the question? The efficacy of a diet not only relies on whether or not it actually works for weight loss but whether it has any “stickability.” Can the person stay on the diet? How long can the person stay on the diet? Has the diet taken into account the dieters likes and dislikes? How practical is the diet?

In addition to that, a diet must allow for lasting weight loss. So, with the South Beach Diet, weight loss needs to be actually doable as well as long term. Let’s see how it rates.

Designed as a means to lower cholesterol and help diabetics, the South Beach Diet starts off with a two week sort of cleansing period. During this time, no fruit, bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, sugar, alcohol or baked goods are allowed. Afterwards, healthier carbohydrates such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables are slowly reintroduced.

Part of the goal of the diet is “healthy eating for life.” This is meant to happen through continued support via online communities and direct advice from nutritionists. Then there are a whole slew of books with any kind of South Beach Diet Recipe one can imagine.

I’m sure anyone who shops for groceries has seen the vast plethora of products that are basically manufactured South Beach Diet recipes. They are a bit on the pricey side, but overall, fairly healthy as well as convenient.

So, sounds pretty good, right? Well sort of. There are a few flaws with South Beach Diet weight loss.

The biggest problem of this trendy diet plan can be found right at the get-go. If a person has been eating poorly and has gained weight, it’s going to be extremely difficult to suddenly switch so quickly and cut out anything that has in the past seemed pleasurable to the dieter.

Wine lovers will have difficulty cutting out their evening glass. Pasta lovers will really be in trouble. Fruit seems like a really big sacrifice given that it can offer a person a healthy alternative to something sweet (which of course isn’t on the diet plan’s first two weeks either!).

The potential for failure is great and as anybody who has been on a strict diet knows, this type of discouragement can stop the dieter dead in his or her tracks. This may even lead to emotional binge eating with a sort of “hands up in the air I give up!” reaction. When cravings are denied repeatedly, the end result will more than likely be binging on the food item that the dieter wants so badly.

South Beach Diet weight loss in the first two weeks occurs simply because the body is being denied calories. The weight loss is not necessarily healthy weight loss. As a matter of fact, the body can actually go into ketosis.

During ketosis, the body produces ketone bodies as a result of inadequate carbohydrate intake. Worse yet, if ketosis continues, ketoacidosis can occur. Ketoacidosis can actually lead to coma and/or death. You may have heard of this in regard to diabetics.

Also during this state of ketosis, the majority of weight loss is water. As soon as normal eating resumes, the water weight will be regained. Here’s another issue. How discouraging will that be to the south beach dieter? Starve and sacrifice for two weeks and then gain weight back right away?

Weight loss will slow down regardless of whether or not it is gained back as soon as a more normal eating pattern is begun at the end of the two weeks. More than likely, people who have denied themselves of so much will go overboard as soon as carbohydrate resumes. It’s normal human behavior!

In addition, a South Beach diet recipe book is obviously appealing to many based on the amount of books sold; however, it won’t work for every one. Not everybody enjoys cooking; moreover, those that do enjoy the culinary arts like to explore a lot of different cook books.

Besides, the amount of books sold doesn’t necessarily indicate that the book has proven useful for everyone. Many of the South Beach Diet books are more than likely gathering dust or gracing a yard sale table.

The bottom line is that the South Beach Diet may prove to be too complicated for many. Surviving the first two excruciating weeks is only the first step and after the excitement of losing weight quickly wears off, the dieter may be less likely to stick with a plan that has radically changed the way they eat and involves learning quite a bit.

Another problem is that though exercise isn’t discouraged necessarily, it isn’t emphasized enough either. Healthy weight loss that lasts should involve developing an exercise program that will work for each individual. In addition, exercise has a ton of other benefits beyond weight loss.

Not only is exercise difficult in the first few weeks, it’s nearly impossible. How would anybody be able to exercise with so little energy in their diet?

After the first few weeks, exercise would be possible but it’s just not strongly recommended and in some cases discouraged.

Some of the advice the South Beach diet gives is in fact sound. Lean meat and vegetables always make excellent choices when considering a healthful diet. Learning to eat this way doesn’t need to be quite as complicated.

For healthful weight loss, slow and steady is the key. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grain carbohydrates as well as getting adequate dairy products in the diet is the key to eating healthfully for lasting weight loss.

Remember to exercise, get plenty of sleep and keep your hydration levels optimum with water throughout the day. South Beach Diet-Quick Weight Loss

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  1. It’s really impossible to exercise within the first few weeks. Fatigue was a major problem for me and I only felt that renewed sense of energy after a month!!