Sensa – Does it Make Sense-a?



Do you know that over 60% of Americans have tried thousands of weight loss programs, all without successful results? Maybe you are a part of the 60% and just are not sure about new weight loss programs on the market. Many of the programs on the market are extremely expensive, and not to mention the food that taste like cardboard as part of those programs. We all enjoy eating GOOD tasting food. Now you can eat all of your favorite foods in the new Sensa weight loss program. Sensa is a clinically tested diet system that has been studied for over 25 years of scientific research. Sensa has one of the highest records of successful weight loss studies.

How Sensa Works

Everyone has a specific area in the brain that is called the “Satiety Center” which is triggered by your sense of smell to tell your body that you are full, and that it’s time to stop eating. Sensa works by using your sense of smell to trigger that part of your brain into thinking that you are full, enabling you to take in less calories and to help you start loosing weight without starvation. Sensa comes in a crystal form which you sprinkle evenly across the surface of your meals just as you would add salt and pepper.

Sensa comes in a 6 month weight loss system. All the months are given numbers to let you know which one to start first. You are given two shakers per month, allowing you to take one with you on the go, and one for home use. After the first 30 days you move onto the next number of Sensa even if you have a left over supply. This way your body will not build up an immunity towards the product, allowing for maximum weight loss. A 6 month supply of Sensa is right around $235. The good thing about this product is that you are given a free trial offer. If you try Sensa and feel it is not right for you, you simply contact their customer service department and are refunded your money.

Sensa can be used by both men and women, although there is now a Sensa-Men weight loss series which has been clinically made for men. As men have a weaker sense of smell as women, doctors have customized this version to fit the needs of men, making only a slight enhancement where needed. Both the Sensa and Sensa-Men products have the same weight loss ability.

Sensa is a great alternative to those who have been considering weight loss drugs or surgery because Sensa has absolutely NO stimulants and NO fat blockers and Diuretics which are found in almost every form of weight loss products on the market. Sensa is made strictly from FDA-GRAS approved ingredients. Who likes swallowing pills anyway? Sensa also has NO calories, NO gluten, NO MSG, and NO sugar in it’s products, which makes it available to use by all, even those with food allergies.

The Cons of Sensa

Sensa is intended to be used for only a certain amount of time. It isn’t a permanent weight loss system like healthy eating. It is great for those who are going through a rough start and would like to see some weight loss to get them motivated. Once you get a few pounds off the gut, you might be able to lose more weight through exercise and healthy eating easier because you got through the rough spot with the help of Sensa.

Although Sensa is usually side effect free, some people have complained about upset stomach or headaches during the first few weeks of using Sensa. This went away after the body got used to it but it may not be right for some individuals. All in all, I think it is much safer than any other weight loss pill on the market today.

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