Reasons To Create Your Own Diet Meals


Did I tell you that I quit the Nutrisystem program a few weeks a go. Why? not because the program was bad, but because I want to challenge myself. I found interesting that the food provided by certain diet programs was actually similar to the food that I eat regularly. So I’m thinking why I need to spend money while I can find my own way and create my own diet meals. Okay I confess, the honest reason is actually because I’m too stingy to spend money. It hurts my heart when I have to pay $300 a month just to get the same food that I believe I can make it my own.

Its a lot cheaper and you can be more fun because you won’t get bored to eat the same food over and over for a year. If you eat the same food all the time, like vaccines, your body will be immune. In that case, YES! you will loose weight, not because of the program, but because you are tired of the food and you don’t want to eat it anymore. Just to see the food makes you lose your appetite (heheeh…… that’s my theory ).

The key to managing your own diet plan is the portion and balance of the diet. I mean, you can not just eat carbohydrates all the time and skip the protein. All the nutritions in your daily food intake have to be balanced. Try to eat 5 meals a day and watch out the portion and what you eat. Since I have the whole meal planner and serving guide from my previous diet program, so I can use that for an idea on what to eat and what groceries to buy. Also don’t forget to eat 100% whole wheat bread instead of white, brown rice instead of white, 1% milk instead of whole milk, etc..etc… You know what I mean.

I try to do my exercise regularly 6 days a week and eat right with the right proportion (cheat a little bit here and there, heheh). I want to see if I can loose weight that way. That will be my challenge. And I’m confident I can do it. I see result since I increase my exercise routine.