PT24/7- Billy Blanks New Fitness Revolution


Pt 24/7

Billy Blanks has been a big name in fitness since the ’90s when he released his Tae-Bo workout series that took the fitness world by storm. He had everyone punching and kicking butt, from young to old, men and women.

Eventually, though, his spot at number one was taken over and he started to fade into the background. He kept making Tae-Bo videos and still had a following but nothing really new ever came from it.

I’m not surprised, though, that he has now come out with a new “Ultimate Tae-Bo” as he calls it, to keep things fresh and bring Tae-Bo back into the limelight.

Introducing PT 24/7

This new workout system is much more than just a workout DVD. Billy Blanks includes everything you need to be successful in shaping a strong and healthy body and guarantees that you will feel different within 24 hours of starting this program and see the difference in a week. Sound too good to be true?

PT 24/7 comes with 6 different workout DVDs (make that 7 with the free bonus DVD), a nutritional guide to help you eat right with a food journal and recipes included, a rotation calendar to help you keep on schedule with the correct workouts each week for the best results, and here is the real miracle bonus; the brand new cardio bands and gloves, designed by Billy Blanks himself, that allows you to get the benefit of using exercise bands with every movement, without the inconvenience of repositioning yourself with the bands. These gloves make it possible to get cardio and sculpting in one workout, which saves you time and burns major calories.

The PT 24/7 DVDs

Billy didn’t forget anything with these 7 DVDs. Everything is covered from the basics, cardiovascular fitness, lower body power, upper body power, core power and breaking through plateaus with the bonus Body Blast workout. Each DVD takes only thirty minutes to complete and is designed to be used in a rotation to keep your body challenged and taking on a beautiful form. Each workout is fun but challenging and your body will feel great after one of these workouts.

The first DVD that you will use is the Basic Training. This DVD will teach you all the signature Tae-Bo moves, get you comfortable with these and also help you learn how to use the cardio bands and gloves together with your newly learned moves. Of course, if you are a Tae-Bo veteran, you can skip this DVD!

The next three DVD’s are the Cardio Burn, Cardio, and Boot Camp Power. These three DVD’s are meant to get your heart rate up and build cardiovascular endurance as well as melt the fat off your body.

Combo Sculpt is exactly what it sounds like. Its a combination of strength and cardio to boost your metabolism. Ripped Core helps you acquire that all too elusive six pack abs and as mentioned before, the Body Blast DVD is an advanced workout that will help you break those horrible weight loss plateaus.

Revisit the World of Tae-Bo

If you’ve ever tried Tae-Bo, chances are you’ve had a good experience with it but its been a while. PT 24/7 is a good chance to pick it back up again but this time supercharged and as a complete weight loss system.

Martial arts (Tae-Bo is a fusion between boxing and Tae Kwon Do) is also an empowering and mind focusing exercise that will not only help you get fit physically but mentally as well.

Billy Blanks is also offering this program to you with easy payment options and free shipping and handling so this is a good time to jump back on the Tae-Bo bandwagon!

Funny little fact, there is a gun by the same name; it must mean that PT 24/7 is a blast! Or maybe you will be getting a killer body! Maybe you will go out with a bang! (okay, enough with the corny jokes.)

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