Nutrisystem Review


I joined Nutrisystem weight loss program 3 months ago and I will give Nutrisystem a big thumbs up. Believe it or not, in 5 days, I lost 5 pounds. And in 2 months I lost 10 pounds. The combination of less calories, well proportioned food from Nutrisystem and a 5 times a week work out speed up the weight loss process. The process of joining Nutrisystem is hassle free. All the information can be found in Nutrisystem user friendly website. Nutrisystem is divided into 7 programs where you can select the one that suit you best. The programs are :

  1. Women’s Program
  2. Men’s Program : A program that is tailored for men
  3. Women’s Silver Program : A program that specifically for older women who want a convenient way to slim down
  4. Men’s Silver Programs : A program that designed to help older men shed pounds simply and conveniently
  5. Women’s Diabetic Program : A program that designed specifically for women with Type 2 Diabetes.
  6. Men’s Diabetic Program : A meal plan for men with Type 2 Diabetes
  7. Vegetarian Program : A program for vegetarians

Compared to other diet programs out there, the price of Nutrisystem is the cheapest. For only a little bit over $10/ day you will get 4 meals/day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. If you choose Auto Delivery Savings, you will get 10% discount and FREE shipping. It will increase to 15% after you receive 3 more orders. The delivery is SUPER fast. I got Nutrisystem meals within 2 days after I place my order.

With your order one of the 7 Nutrisystem weight loss programs you will get 28 breakfasts, 28 lunches, 28 dinners and 28 deserts. You may have also received 7 extra ( a week’s worth) of each category. You will also get a booklet as your quick start guide on how to use and start your program step by step, a Meal Planner to know when to add-in fruit, dairy, other fresh food additions to your days and exercise routine. Each Nutrisystem food item is marked “Breakfast Time, Lunch Time, Dinner Time, Desert time to help you inventory the foods easier.

The cool thing about Nutrisystem foods is you don’t need to refrigerate them. They are actually sealed through a “soft canning” process which locks in the nutrition and great taste, and keeps out the elements. They are ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

The foods are full of protein and good carbs. Each of Nutrisystem foods fits into a balanced meal plan that’s very easy to follow. Simply grab an entree, add-inn a few grocery items like fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and dairy items and you ready to go. The meals are perfectly portioned, so there’s no weighing, measuring or counting calories and points.

About the food, honestly the foods are not as large in size as depicted in the advertisement. So don’t get shocked the first time you see your order. If you order a pizza, don’t expect you will get a big one like the ordinary pizza. You’ll get an itty bitty one but don’t get discouraged, remember all the food is perfectly portioned for weight loss. The taste of the food is GREAT!

REMEMBER!, the first time you place an order for a Nutrisystem program, don’t forget to select the food you like. Because if you don’t you will end up being forced to eat the food that you don’t like. For me, not all Nutrisystem foods are ones I like. I’ve made a mistake to not select my food at my first order but I learned my lesson on my second order.

Here’re my tips, since the food proportion is a little bit small, select the food that has carbohydrates in it. For example, I choose dinner that has content rice in it. In that way I won’t feel a craving. At first, it may seem that the food portions are small, but after a few weeks you will get used to the portions and your body will adjust.

Another cool thing is, if you join the Nutrisystem online community (it’s free), you will get tons of benefits. The community was so helpful. Here are some of the great tools you can find in their community:

  1. My Page: You can create your own profile, adding some photos, inspirational quotes, keep track of your recent discussion board and blog postings. Links to other member’s pages and even let’s your Nutrisystem friends leave comments right on your page.
  2. Blogs: Here you can create your own blog, share your thoughts, keep daily journal, receive feedback, celebrate your progress, posts lots of photos and much more. It’s your own personal online diary where you can express yourself and share your story with others
  3. Discussion Boards : A forum you can join which contain advice, tips, questions and comments from others experiencing the same trials and triumphs as you.
  4. Chat Rooms: A place where you can connect with others in the same boat. You can also chat with a dietitian about your program in their one of weekly Q&A sessions.
  5. News and Articles : Here you can find tons of success weight loss stories, weight loss related articles.
  6. Meals and Fitness Trackers: This is a cool tool you can use to track all the food your eat daily. You can also find helpful hints for dining out . No need to count the calories because the tool will calculate it for you. You will also can log your measurements, weight and exercise and receive progress reports.
  7. Recipe Club: Here you can browse Nutrisystem recipe library that full of fun ideas for every meal occasions. You can keep track your favorite recipes in your own online recipe box.
  8. Fitness Forums: A place where you can connect with others and get tips from numerous fitness group.
  9. Free Counseling: At no extra cost you can get support 7 days a week from entire team of trained weight loss counselors. Just shoot them and email or pick up the phone!

My conclusion about the Nutrisystem weight loss program… ” Worth every penny” 🙂


  1. The decision seems pretty easy to make. I love the idea that they have an online community which makes it more accessible on my phone. Very practical and economical I would say. First thing I’d order would be a baked macaroni – hope they have it.

  2. Nutrisystem works for me! I find it tasty not unlike those types of diet where my meat is served in matchbox-like proportions. So far, I’ve been on it for a couple of weeks now and do not require much maintenance.

  3. Sorry, I tried and tried but nutrisystem food is awful. Hungry as I was I couldn’t eat it. The packaging is great, I was so psyched up for this diet. I learned to make a big vegetable salad 2 times a day, but now I will skip their “entrees” and add a can of tuna or low fat turkey breast or grilled chicken. Sorry but their food is really nasty. Even desserts had a weird chemical taste like the entrees, must soft canning process. breakfast cereal paks are good.

  4. Nutrisystem are easy to carry, if your going out of town, you dont need to worry about them coz they come canned 😉