Nutrisystem Life Day 1


Today is my first day on testing the Nutrisystem diet. I weight myself early this morning. The scale pointed to 119lbs. I ate my Nutrisystem Breakfast Entree. It’s an apple strudel scone. The size is not as big as in the picture. In the plastic wrap it says something like “Perfectly Portioned for Weight Loss.” The strudel was DEL!!!!licious. I drank 8 oz soya milk and ate half of banana as an additional of breakfast plan. I felt pretty good and ready to work.

I brought it to work–chicken noodle soup for my lunch and 1 small pear. At 10 am I was so hungry, my tummy was singing ” oerk..oerk…” I ate half of my fruit to calm down my tummy but I was still hungry. I went to lunch around 2 and I was desperately hungry. I put my noodle soup in microwave but I forgot to remove to metal lid from the container before microwave. I couldn’t eat my noodles right away because I fought so hard to remove the metal lid from the container which is incredibly hot. It took me 10 minutes to open the lid. I was a little bit upset. The portion of the noodle was really small and I ate them all in seconds. I forgot that I needed to add a salad serving, dairy or protein serving along with my entree. In that way I can eat enough food. I’m learning! That afternoon I worked with hungry tummy. I am usually never hungry because I munched here and there during my work hour. I had stocks of a big containers of dry roasted peanuts, snickers, chocolate in my office drawer.
Today after lunch I was tempted to grab a handful of peanuts and 2 snickers from my drawer but I didn’t do it. I paid $299.59 for my Nutrisystem meals and I don’t want to ruin it

When I got back home from work. I hurried ran in to the pantry and grabbed my dinner entree. It’s mashed potato and meatloaf with tomato sauce. The food was delicious! But I made another mistake, this time I didn’t add 2 vegetables servings, salad or fruit serving and fat serving to my dinner plan. And again that’s not enough for me. BUT, like I said, I’m learning. Tomorrow I will go to the grocery store and buy some fruits, salad, fat free salad dressing and maybe some chicken or turkey.

Tonight I did my exercise. I did “power walk” from the Nutrisystem DVD for 40 minutes and continued with Taebo Cardio by Billy Blanks for another 40 minutes. I was so exhausted but I’m happy.

Had my shower and went to bed.