My Favorite Weight Loss Workouts


I learned that dieting alone is not enough. Combining your diet with the right exercise will absolutely help increase your metabolism and speed up the weight loss process. Not only does it help you shed the unwanted pounds but it also gives you more confidence. You will feel good about yourself, healthier, stronger, happier. You will have more energy to face your daily life.

Doing an exercise doesn’t mean that you need to hire a professional trainer, go to the gym or join a yoga class. You can do exercise anywhere, anytime on any budget. The only thing you need to have is “will.”

If you do your exercise, do not focus too much that your do it because you want to loose weight. Don’t pressure yourself too much. Do your exercise in happy way and enjoy it. Believe me you will feel good about it. Do your exercise because you “want to” and not because you “have to”.

I myself have my own private teachers who help me doing my exercise. I have 5 different teachers who teach me different exercise everyday.

Heheheh… I know you will think? why did she write ” you don’t need to go to hire a professional trainer” while she herself has 5 teachers? isn’t that ironic?

Wait! wait! wait! please let me explain it to you. Okay I never go to the gym or yoga class. I think I ‘m to stingy to spend my money for that :). We live in the era of technology and computers . There are so many sources out there, why don’t you use some frugal methods?

The private teachers I meant above is teachers from various DVDs workout. There’re no boundaries on losing weight. Everybody can do it and everybody has different way to do it. And so do I . I do all all my exercise at home using DVD 5 times a week.

I myself divided my exercise into 3 categories goals :

  • Strength : Pilates and Weight Lifting
  • Flexibility : Yoga
  • Endurance : Cardio vascular (such as : kick boxing, running, power walking, stair climbing, biking etc.)

Here’re a few of my favorite DVDs workout so far. To avoid my body being plateau I do different workout everyday

1. Yoga

My Favorite Yoga teacher is Rodney Yee and Baron Baptiste.

If I want to remove tension, loosen up the tight knot from my body and to calm my mind, I use Rodney Yee. One thing I like about Rodney Yee DVD, is the background music is so peaceful. It seems all his movements are so graceful. The music help me calm my movement. You do it slow with control from your breath.

I also like “Namaste Yoga” but I don’t have the DVD. I see it sometimes on Fit TV

I use Baron Baptise DVD for more chalenging movements. I wish I can do the advance movements like the guy you see on this video one day. That’s my goal.

I think, the key of doing Yoga is to “enjoy and feel every movement” in your body. Control every movement from your breath. Inhale and exhale slowly. Feel it in your lungs. Do all movement slowly and gracefully. If it’s necessary, close your eyes. You don’t need to push yourself. Just do as best as you can do.

Right now I do “Power Yoga Total Body” by Rodney Yee, “Power Yoga Level 2-The Next Challenge“, and “Level 3-The Ultimate Challenge” by Baron Baptiste

2. Pilates

Right Now I do “Breakthru Pilates Sculpt” by Tracy York and Michelle Dozois, different pilates target from Denise Austin.

3. Weight Lifting

Right now I do “Get Ripped to the Core” and “Get Ripped Slim and Lean” by Jari Love .

4. Cardio
For my Cardio, I do Taebo, Walk, and regular running.

Right now I do “Taebo Cardio“, “Taebo Abs“, ” Billy Bootcamp” all by Billy Blanks.

If you have any information about good DVDs workout out there please share with me. I really want to add some more of new workout dvd into my collection from different teachers.

Keep up good work friends!! you are not alone. We can loose weight together 🙂


  1. I like Billy Blanks. He not only pushes you to greater heights but is very encouraging and uplifting as well.