The Mayo Clinic Diet Pros and Cons


The Mayo Clinic Diet

Ever feel like a diet should come directly from a dietician with real life experience helping people lose weight? Here it is:

The Mayo Clinic Diet

This is no crash diet, it is a weight loss program that teaches you a lifestyle meant to be lived forever!


This diet uses the Mayo Clinic Food Guide Pyramid for Healthy Weight to teach its users which foods to eat more of and which to eat less in order to attain a healthy weight. This is an easy to read visual guide that can help to get the idea across easily to most readers.

It includes two phases. The first phase helps you to lose your excess weight. Once you’ve achieved your healthy weight you move onto the next phase to help you maintain your weight by living a healthy lifestyle.

Pros of the Mayo Clinic Diet

  • This diet will not only help you to shed unhealthy fat but it will also help your overall health.
  • It was developed by  medical professionals using research and clinical trials proven to help individuals live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Targets unhealthy habits and replaces them with new healthy ones.
  • Is a diet safe to use for the rest of your life
  • Includes instructions on proper exercise as well
  • The calorie allowance per day allows for plenty of energy
  • Helps with meal planning through recipes and snack ideas

Cons of the Mayo Clinic Diet

  • Works best for those 10 pounds or more overweight
  • drastic cut in carbs can cause cravings
  • Although most of the foods are tasty, many people dislike the taste of grapefruit juice which is a big part of the diet
  • This is a gradual weight loss (but most often permanent) and some people could lose patience
  • For those who have a good understanding of healthy eating and still can’t lose weight, this may not be for you.
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