Love Hungry -Tales from the Darkside Diet –


Of all the episodes “Tales from the Darkside,” LOVE HUNGRY is my most favorite episode. It sticks in my head for all these years. Everytime I think about diet, I remember Betsy and her extreme weight loss program. I hope after seeing this video you will really WANT to lose weight 😀

Video part 3 is my most favorite one. The end of the story is really funny and scary at the same time. Enjoy!

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part 3:

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Chubby telemarketer Betsy (Sharon Madden) is such a reclusive loner she has nightly talks with her plants in between harassing people over the telephone. When her nerdy, bald high school flame Elmo (Larry Gelman) comes back into the picture wanting to sweep her off her feet, Betsy decides she needs to lose a few pounds. She already has a special refrigerator that taunts her (“Fatty, fatty 2 by 4”) every time she opens the door, but that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. One day out of the blue she gets a phone call from a mysterious company called “Your Weight Is Over.” Next thing she knows a package is delivered to her door. Inside is a hearing aid. In a crowded restaurant, she slips the device in and from that point on can hear food literally screaming in agony as it’s being eaten. Hey, it DOES ends up successfully making her lose her appetite for the night. In fact, she passes out from the shock.

A few days later, she receives a package from the same company. This time it’s a pair of eye glasses. As soon as she slips them on, she can see faces on the food. A pear, banana and apple sitting on the desk (all with sad-looking expressions) plead “Please don’t eat us!” over and over again. Then they become friends. Each piece of fruit has a personality of its own. The pear has a female southern belle voice, the banana has a grating New York accent and the apple, naturally, is the intellectual of the group. Before long, Betsy’s had enough of this program and tries to take the glasses off. Uh oh. They won’t come off… and the hearing aid won’t come out either. Will she ever be able to eat again or will she have to “murder” one of her new buddies?


  1. This is one of the most messed up episode I have ever seen. Whomever wrote it was on some serious drugs.