Lose Weight Diet


We could all lose a pound or two, could we not? Of course we can. Some people only want to shave off five or ten pounds. Other people have significant weight loss and health goals that involve losing fifty or more pounds. There is a diet plan that’ll help you lose weight, irrespective of how much you’d like to lose. Do not be fooled by infomercial rubbish and miracle pills. If you want a diet to lose weight you have to know that it is not only a diet, but also a lifestyle.

Take A Look At The Diet Plan

Being on a diet doesn’t mean starving yourself. It just means portion control and making healthy choices. One week start dieting, keep a journal of everything that you eat. Write down everything that you eat on an average day, as well as the amount.

Mark healthy foods in one colour and unhealthy foods in another colour at the end of the week. You may be surprised at the results.

Now it’s time to start the diet. Begin with breakfast and make five small meals your daily aim. It is suggested that you have fruit or veg, fiber and protein in every meal. So that means that an egg, two slices of toast and a six ounce glass of juice will be a great breakfast. You could even make an omelet with some vegetables inside of it.

Then you can have some fruit or trail mix for a mid-morning snack. Have a sandwich on whole grain bread for lunch along with some fresh vegetables, a salad, or your leftover veggies from the night before. In the afternoon, you should stick to fresh produce when snacking. Nuts, fruit and yoghurt for example.

At dinner have moderately sized portions of grilled or baked meat, rice, noodles, or potatoes, and (again) some vegetables. You can even have a small dessert as your reward. Frozen yoghurt and vanilla ice cream in the correct portion sizes will make a guilt free dessert.

This is a just a basic outline of a diet to lose weight. Every individual diet will differ from the next. You have to account for allergies and eating preferences, but this article gives a good foundation on which to base your new, chosen lifestyle.

You also have to account for your guilty pleasure food. It is okay to treat yourself to unhealthy food every once in a while. You just need to watch the quantity. Have one slice of greasy pizza or one of those mini Hagen Daaz containers. Order the small fries or go for the mini M&Ms. Also, tell the people you’re close to that you’re trying to lose weight. They’ll often assist you by tending to your needs. Do not forget that you’ll very likely need moral support for your diet.

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