Jenny Craig Weight Loss


So, who’s the celebrity du jour for Jenny Craig right now? Valerie, right? Or is it Queen Latifah? Well, we all know it’s not Kirstie anymore, or at least there aren’t too many commercials with Kirstie. Personally, I think Kirstie Alley is a beautiful women heavy or thin as are Val and Queen Latifah. But, when you’re advertising for a weight loss program such as Jenny Craig, weight loss is sort of important.

No matter what the flattering outfit, it became quite apparent that Kirstie didn’t quite meet the goals of the program, though she did lose weight. So, Valerie stepped in and now has a book out on the shelves about her success with the Jenny Craig diet. So, why did Kirstie “fail” and why did Valerie lose all the weight she wanted?

It could very well be that Kirstie cheated, but when evaluating the success or failure of a diet, one has to look beyond the dieter and look at the diet itself. What works for some just isn’t right for others. It’s a very subjective thing.

Over the years, Jenny Craig has changed her look about as many times as Madonna, but one thing remains the same, pre-packaged food and personalized counseling. The main jist of the program is to go to a Jenny Craig weight loss center and receive an evaluation and counseling by an employee of Jenny Craig. I say “employee” because the counselors are basically trained through Jenny Craig and have very few prerequisites. Certainly, a degree in nutrition or licensing as an R.D. (registered dietician) is not required. I would venture to guess because its basically an entry level position, that not a lot of money is involved and thus it’s a bit of a gamble when drawing from the part of the labor pool willing to work for less.

But I digress. The counselor will set you up with a target goal and date for your desired weight loss. At this point, you’ll select from a menu for the week’s pre-packaged foods. You can go two routes here. Route one, and the expensive route at that, is fresh frozen foods. Route two is cheaper (but still pricey) and less convenient boil bags are used.

In terms of the taste of Jenny Craig food, that’s also a subjective thing. Some folks find a Jenny Craig meal to be adequate and tasteful enough, others find the meals a little bland. Still others who enjoy cooking won’t do well with this program because they’ll simply miss creating their own cuisine. In addition, if you have a family to cook for, will it be difficult to prepare tastier food for your family while you dine on your frozen cuisine?

As things progress, you’ll eventually be weaned off the program and gradually return to eating normally. This is done through the Jenny Craig weight loss center. Some may find the whole experience of having to make appointments to meet with counselors at the center to be yet one more thing to have to remember. For those folks, there’s Jenny Direct. This program is handled through telephone calls and orders that are shipped directly to your home.

This approach may be better for somebody with a busy, hectic schedule that makes appointment setting difficult. As well, a person who is a shut-in or just has difficulty getting out for one reason or another may benefit from a program such as this. And, some people would just assume keep their weight loss matters to themselves rather than meeting up in a public setting.

So, back to Kirstie and Valerie. Why was Jenny Craig weight loss possible for one of these celebrities and not the other? Well, for all of the reasons discussed plus one more. Weight loss isn’t all about what one puts in their mouth. It also isn’t all about exercise, though that’s one aspect that isn’t emphasized enough with Jenny Craig either.

Another aspect of healthful weight loss is to get to the real issue of why some people overeat and gain weight and why others do not. Food issues are quite often more about emotional eating than anything else. Let’s face it, since childhood many of us have associated food with reward, pleasure and comfort.

We so often reward our children for a job well done with a treat like ice cream. Or, we may threaten to take away that treat if they don’t finish their dinner. We use at as reward and punishment. In addition, we celebrate most every occasion with some sort of food: birthday cake, Easter brunch, Fourth of July BBQ. It seems to be the center and focal point for so many occasions.

Think back to a time when you were a child and either fell off your bike or tripped while running about. Did anything else come with the bandage? Perhaps a piece of candy? Just like it was then, as adults when we feel emotional pain we tend to reach for food to help us forget our troubles if just for a few moments.

The trouble is that as with any other instant gratification, the food doesn’t solve our problems. It merely takes our focus off the troubles for a little while, and in the end, it only adds to our troubles.

There’s a lot to be said for the old adage, “eat to live, don’t live to eat.” How many of us actually follow that? Jenny Craig weight loss doesn’t account for this aspect of weight loss enough. With very little training, counselors have even made some of their clients feel guilty for not having lost the weight expected by their target date. According to some individual stories on various dieting blogs, there has even been suggestion that certain clients are asked to leave the program so as not to set poor examples or suggest that the program may not work for all.

Of course, those are merely heresay and whether or not this is an aspect of Kirstie’s sudden disappearance as spokesperson for Jenny Craig would only be conjecture. For whatever reason, the diet failed to work for Kirstie. It may or may not work for you.


  1. It will always be a constant battle of willpower and discipline for those who are emotionally dependent on food. I know, because every day is like a temptation. My mom told me she’d give me an ice cream treat each time I’d do tantrums. So before I embark on a weight-loss plan, I have to deal with my issues first. After which, I can try a Jenny Craig 🙂