Incredible And Simple Way To Be Healthier And Fitter With Fresh Food


Incredible as it may sound, illnesses are thought to have made their entry into the world together with boiling. Although it is a well known fact that boiling eliminates germs, there are several things that we haven’t really considered, like the effect of boiling on food vitamins and minerals. The early evolution of illnesses is intricately connected with the start of the use of fire in that the first five ailments known to early humans developed at this stage.

Boiling was discovered with fire, and can thus be considered an archaic art. Baking and processing food also came about in the same era. Can it really be just coincidence that ailments became prevalent during the same era? And now, these same illnesses are still plaguing humanity.

While cooking might have been humans’ greatest discovery, it also creates an atmosphere that encourages diseases. Raw food can benefit the body in more ways than cooked foodstuff. It does not add toxins to the body, and helps in eliminating toxic chemicals from other foods. The type of foods that living food has got, like fresh vegetables, fruits, sprouts, herbs and the purest form of water is a cure for many of the ailments of the body. Juices from fresh food can best be obtained using super juicer equipment.

The raw food diet entails eating beans, greens, sprouts and fruits in their organic form. No cooking should be done at temperatures over fifty degrees because food will lose its vitality.

For the reason that food is in its pure form, nutrients are retained and not lost. Fresh food diet always advocates eating the produce as soon as possible after harvesting. Storage usually doesn’t help preserve nutrients.

The sooner a person eats food, the more prana enzymes, otherwise known as biophotos, are available to him. There are no negative responses involved in eating fresh food.

The fresh food diet is a fantastic way to get all the nutrients you need. Fresh juices will give you resveratrol and other anti-oxidant enzymes essential for continued well being. To make the best fresh fruit extracts, you will need an electric juicer.

It is not that boiled food will not have any nutrients at all. A certain amount of vitamins and minerals are retained in cooked food. These foods still have minerals and vitamins but a good percentage of these life giving ingredients cannot survive the process of heating or are lost by cooking. For example, when egg is boiled, the molecular structure of its amino acids is changed. It is often pointed out that the loss of so many vitamins and minerals can be the cause of shorter longevity.