Health Diet Nutrition


Health diet nutrition topics are abundant on the web as well as traditional media. It’s a billion dollar a year industry because the mass majority of us wish to obtain that perfect body and somewhere along the lines, hope for good health as well. Unfortunately, most folks think about weight loss more than health. They are willing to throw their money away and try anything to lose weight.

The fact is that diet health and fitness don’t always go hand in hand. Sadly, many people are tricked into believing that if they spend enough that they’ll be able to lose weight quickly and keep it off. That’s just not the truth. The scary truth is that most of these fad diets are nothing more than gimmicks and smoke screens that can actually be far more harmful than good.

In order to find good health diet nutrition weight loss, you need to learn what the scary truths are behind false health diet nutrition diets. Let’s look at some of the scary truths and pitfalls of weight loss via fad diets.


VLCD’s or very low calorie diets are what the vast majority of fad diets truly are. The maple syrup diet and grapefruit diet are prime examples of this type of fad diet. In each diet, the dieter is given specific menus to follow that make it sound as if the tonic in one and the fruit in the other have amazing abilities to curb appetites and increase one’s ability to lose weight.

The problem is that no matter what the concoction or type of fruit, the rest of the menu is way too low in calories. Sure, you’ll definitely lose weight and quickly! But you are also making the future a very tough place to be. One simply cannot continue eating such low amounts of calories without having severe health consequences. You’ll see it in the mirror when your hair begins to thin and your skin becomes dull and pasty, and you’ll feel it when you try to perform normal functions and have absolutely no energy or stamina. You’re starving your body!

Because of this, normal folks will eventually begin eating normally again once the desired weight is lost. Then what happens? You guessed it. The weight comes back. The only reason you lost the weight was because you weren’t eating enough to support your body. You didn’t lose weight in a healthful way by only restricting enough calories to lose a pound or two a week and still support your body. What’s more, you’ve now lowered your metabolism by starving yourself and you’ll have a more difficult time in the future losing all that weight you’re gaining back.

Herbal weight loss aids

Another scary truth in false health diet nutrition plans are the use of herbal weight loss aids. Many companies such as Metabolife make it sound like they’re just giving you a little help, a little boost in your weight loss efforts. Really, what they’re giving you is a bunch of caffeine and herbal stimulants that speed up the body and have a marginal effect on weight loss and appetite suppression.

You spend a ton of money, and unless you follow a health diet nutrition weight loss plan on the side, you’re really not getting a whole lot of help from these products. In addition, a lot of people make the mistake of assuming since these products are all natural as the marketing genius touts, that they in fact are. Nope! Many of these products contain stimulants that may make the normal person jittery all the way to causing some serious cardiovascular side effects in folks that have underlying cardiac issues. People who have arrhythmias may be dangerously affected by the increased blood pressure associated with many of these herbal weight loss aids.

Eliminating Food Groups

If you love bread and somebody tells you to never eat it, how long do you really think you’ll last? Diets that are too strict and eliminate one or more food groups are quite unrealistic. Again, there is no magic to them either no matter what purported study they boast. Very simply, by cutting a particular food or food group, they’ve eliminated calories on the diet most of the time to the extreme causing weight loss.

No matter what the result, once you cave and begin to eat that which you miss, you’ll gain the weight back. The diet failed to teach you how to healthfully and naturally lower your caloric intake. The only thing you really learned is that life without carbohydrates made you crabby as all get out and wasn’t a whole lot of fun.

In addition, eliminating one or more foods or groups goes against what we have been told for years by nutritionists. Remember the food guide pyramid? Even though the ADA (American Dietetic Association) has revamped this pyramid in recent years, it still advocates a balanced diet that incorporates a wide variety of foods.

The reason behind this is quite simply that we get different nutrients from different things. Even in each group, one should eat a variety of foods. We get omega 3 fatty acids from fish. We get selenium from beef. Optimum nutrition in the vegetable and fruit group is best achieved by choosing a rainbow of fruits and veggies. This is due to the phytochemicals that give the produce not only their colors but specific nutrients as well! Under grains, it is important to get both soluble and insoluble fiber which come from different sources.

Rather than memorize the nutrient value of any health diet nutrition plan, all you really have to do is what you know to be tried, tested and true. Eat a variety of foods, small portions and exercise!

Health and diet can go hand in hand if you learn the basics and ignore the quick and easy path!