Extreme Weight Loss (That Doesn’t Kill You)


Sometimes our weight loss endeavor needs a little kick in the butt. There are tactics that we can use when we are really serious about giving our weight loss that extra push. Here are some ideas that you can use (with caution!) to help you finally break through a weight loss plateau. (Remember that these should be used for short term weight loss strategies. Try to keep these down to 1-2 months of use.)

  • Fruit and Vegetable Diet- Fiber, low calorie content, and high nutritional value make eating a fruit and vegetable diet a great way to see an increase in your weight loss results. Make sure to include an wide variety of different colors and kinds of fruits and vegetables to round out your nutritional intake. Vegetables with a higher protein content, like spinach, beans, lentils, and artichokes, should be eaten on a regular basis to keep your muscle mass.
  • Cut Your Calories by 500- Whatever you are eating now, cut off 500 calories every day. So long as you don’t go below 1200 calories per day, you can effectively lose weight by cutting back on your calorie consumption. The first week will be a tough one, but if you can persevere, you will reap the benefits.
  • Extreme Workouts- Certain workouts are great for weight loss. The Insanity workout has a great hour long cardio workout called “Max Cardio Conditioning.” The P90x system has a great hour long workout they dubbed “plyometrics”. Ever tried the Tabata workout? Try to do three cycles switching from lower bodyweight exercises, to cardio, to upper bodyweight exercises and repeat four times. Another great fat burner is hill sprinting. Make sure to give your body 48 hours of rest after each of these workouts.
  • Some Pills- Some weight loss pills aren’t as crazy as the others. Although these should be used as a last resort, you can try some thermogenic pills. Try half of a pill first to see how it affects you. Then if you feel fine, use 3/4 the next day and a whole the day after that. Fat blockers can be used safely as well as long as you replenish your electrolytes and fluids.

No matter how badly we want to lose weight, it isn’t worth putting our health on the line. Your body can handle some extreme weight loss, but remember, eventually you will have to level off or your body will rebel. Use these times of increased weight loss to keep you motivated to stay on track while the weight loss is less noticeable.


Crystal is our new weight loss expert and we're excited to have her on board! She offers her perspective in a new regular opinion column. Crystal is a professional health and fitness writer with expertise in the diet, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and health related fields. She is also a certified personal trainer, former owner of HotMommas Fitness Bootcamp in NW Washington, and a mother of five.