Doing A Diet Without Sugars Or Starches


Are you close enough to be on the maintenance stage of the HCG Diet? Do you know what you can eat and what you can not?? Are you thinking beforehand to how you’ll do it? Worried regarding having an increased weight?

When I started practicing the HCG Diet, it gave me a new place in life. It gave me back my sense of self and who I am. I found out that I could lose weight and I didn’t need to go to a psychologist and spend years figuring out why I was so overweight. You do not need to do strict exercises. You can do this diet and you can keep the weight off. The HCG Diet is a miracle diet in a lot of means.

Although, I think three weeks of maintenance are essential. You don’t need to count calories. Just lessen your starches and sugars…Yeah…”just”…it’s not that easy. And check the scales every single morning, to keep on track. Those three weeks are very vital for restarting your hypothalamus to a new weight…a new set point.

1) When you complete the HCG Diet, you do your last measure of hCG, but you’ll do it, shots or oral/sublingual, etc., after that you carry on for 2 more days with the VLCD (very low calorie diet) while you hang on for a good number of the hCG to be removed from your body. You’ll continue to lose for those couple of days after the last hCG.

2) At that moment you can eat whatever you want with the exception of sugars or starches, which basically means, no cookies, no crackers, no desserts, no flour, no pasta, no spaghetti, no breads, etc. As long as you do that very carefully for 3 weeks, you need to be able to keep at your last diet weight, or within 2 pounds. If you increase 2 pounds, you should do a steak day, as described in Pounds and Inches. It’s very essential to keep your weight in that stretch for those three weeks to re-set your hypothalamus and “set point,” so that you maintain the weight off.

Do you know the saying, “If you want to lose weight, just cut out the white foods?” My medical doctor told me that years ago. I wish I had followed his instruction, because I might never have gotten so overweight in the first place. My first baby just arrived and he told me to lessen my consumption of spaghettie and potatoes. It looked too simple and also, too hard raising a family. So “white foods” are foods like white sugar, white flour, white rice, white potatoes, white bread. But, just in the course of maintenance. It’s not forever.

I cannot back myself up, but I assume that the HCG won’t leave your body instantly after the diet. I think that is another reason why the three weeks after of no sugars or starches is so important. Dr. Simeons recommended to combine fruits carefully, because of the natural sugar, weighing every day.

3) If you increase in weight, use the steak day plan. According to Dr. Simeons, that is the one best thing you can do. A steak day is one meal, customarily at suppertime of steak and a raw tomato or apple.

If you want to lose weight and get to know more about healthy food you should explore low glycemic diet plan as it helps you to select best diet for yourself.