Cellulite Thighs Explained


There are a lot of deceptive claims regarding the cause of cellulite thighs.   For example, poor circulation, “different” fat, and water retention have all been blamed for cellulite thighs. Despite the fact that there is no basis to substantiate these causes, an entire market of treatments has emerged to combat them.

The reality is that cellulite thighs can be the result of a number of different factors. The majority of cellulite products available are designed simply to mask the symptoms of cellulite thighs and do little to actually reduce them. You will never get rid of your cellulite thighs until you eliminate the root causes.

You must understand that cellulite fat and other body fat is no different. Medical research confirms that cellulite has exactly the same makeup as regular body fat. The reason you see the dimpled cottage cheese appearance is because the fat is bulging out of the connective tissue under the skin. Cellulite on women is most typically found on their hips, thighs and booty. And you are more likely to develop cellulite thighs the older you are.

Men don’t have cellulite as often as women do, because men have thicker skin, as well as men typically store body fat around their middle rather than the lower body. Because skin on the thighs and bottom is thinner than the rest of the body, cellulite is easier to see on the lower body. Hormones can also cause the skin tissue to break down as well as excess fat to build on a woman’s lower body. In addition, if you use birth control or are pregnant you have the tendancy to develop cellulite thighs faster than other women.

Cellulite thighs in women can be caused by genetics and hormonal changes.  In addition, lack of the right kind of exercise or certain foods can provoke the problem.  These related causes are quite often focused on hormonal impacts.
Negative hormonal influences are the reason cellulite thighs are so prevalent.  Environmental factors that cause hormonal imbalances can influence women a lot.  As a result, collagen is broken down which increases the stores of fat in the butt and thighs, and the cellulite becomes very easy to see.

In order to prevent or cure cellulite thighs, it is important to make changes in your daily life, including   performing highly targeted exercises and making specific dietary changes to reduce harmful hormones.  This will put your body in a cellulite fighting state as well as tighten and tone the skin and muscle around the cellulite.  This will make your cellulite thighs much less visible.  
Although there are a number of factors relating to hormonal imbalance that can cause cellulite thighs, the good news is that by targeting the known causes of cellulite you will be able to control and reduce those cellulite thighs in no time at all. 

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