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PT24/7- Billy Blanks New Fitness Revolution

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How to Choose a Fitness Trainer to Help You Get Super Sexy

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Why is Yoga Good For Runners?

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Bally Fitness

A Fun Fitness Environment in Your Hometown

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Low Calorie Cooking And Training – The Miracle Weight Loss Program?

With all of the fad diets taking on our televisions, bookstores, and pantries, many individuals have forgotten the fundamentals of healthy living. When you are busy counting carbs, calculating fat grams, and popping fat burners, maybe it is best to think about that the “miracle” food regimen might very nicely be the oldest one in the book. Low calorie cooking and exercise might very likely be the secret to weight loss and healthy living. Read More

The Benefits Of Fitness Camp

Visions of climbing walls and swinging from ropes over muddy puddles of water might be your concept of the boot camp, and they’re in all probability pretty accurate if taking into consideration Armed Forces simple training. However, physical fitness boot camps, for civilians, would a lot more closely be described as just plain old hard. But, these group fitness programs do not require a three year enlistment to participate, only a strong stomach, a substantial pain threshold, and perhaps a little through zealous penchant for self inflicted misery. A casual observer of the fitness bootcamp in a park or athletic field may possibly ponder: Is that a workout, or just a work-over? Read More

How One Can Lose Weight With Zumba

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I love ab workouts. This is one of my favs!

Turbo Jam is the workout that doesn't feel like work. The workout packs with calorie-blasting cardio, kickboxing, body-sculpting, and dance moves It's fast. It's fun. It works.

You're scorching fat and sizzling calories at a rate of up to 1,000 an hour

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