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PT24/7- Billy Blanks New Fitness Revolution

Pt 24/7

Billy Blanks has been a big name in fitness since the ’90s when he released his Tae-Bo workout series that took the fitness world by storm. He had everyone punching and kicking butt, from young to old, men and women.

Eventually, though, his spot at number one was taken over and he started to fade into the background. He kept making Tae-Bo videos and still had a following but nothing really new ever came from it.

I’m not surprised, though, that he has now come out with a new “Ultimate Tae-Bo” as he calls it, to keep things fresh and bring Tae-Bo back into the limelight.

Introducing PT 24/7

This new workout system is much more than just a workout DVD. Billy Blanks includes everything you need to be successful in shaping a strong and healthy body and guarantees that you will feel different within 24 hours of starting this program and see the difference in a week. Sound too good to be true?

PT 24/7 comes with 6 different workout DVDs (make that 7 with the free bonus DVD), a nutritional guide to help you eat right with a food journal and recipes included, a rotation calendar to help you keep on schedule with the correct workouts each week for the best results, and here is the real miracle bonus; the brand new cardio bands and gloves, designed by Billy Blanks himself, that allows you to get the benefit of using exercise bands with every movement, without the inconvenience of repositioning yourself with the bands. These gloves make it possible to get cardio and sculpting in one workout, which saves you time and burns major calories.

The PT 24/7 DVDs

Billy didn’t forget anything with these 7 DVDs. Everything is covered from the basics, cardiovascular fitness, lower body power, upper body power, core power and breaking through plateaus with the bonus Body Blast workout. Each DVD takes only thirty minutes to complete and is designed to be used in a rotation to keep your body challenged and taking on a beautiful form. Each workout is fun but challenging and your body will feel great after one of these workouts.

The first DVD that you will use is the Basic Training. This DVD will teach you all the signature Tae-Bo moves, get you comfortable with these and also help you learn how to use the cardio bands and gloves together with your newly learned moves. Of course, if you are a Tae-Bo veteran, you can skip this DVD!

The next three DVD’s are the Cardio Burn, Cardio, and Boot Camp Power. These three DVD’s are meant to get your heart rate up and build cardiovascular endurance as well as melt the fat off your body.

Combo Sculpt is exactly what it sounds like. Its a combination of strength and cardio to boost your metabolism. Ripped Core helps you acquire that all too elusive six pack abs and as mentioned before, the Body Blast DVD is an advanced workout that will help you break those horrible weight loss plateaus.

Revisit the World of Tae-Bo

If you’ve ever tried Tae-Bo, chances are you’ve had a good experience with it but its been a while. PT 24/7 is a good chance to pick it back up again but this time supercharged and as a complete weight loss system.

Martial arts (Tae-Bo is a fusion between boxing and Tae Kwon Do) is also an empowering and mind focusing exercise that will not only help you get fit physically but mentally as well.

Billy Blanks is also offering this program to you with easy payment options and free shipping and handling so this is a good time to jump back on the Tae-Bo bandwagon!

Funny little fact, there is a gun by the same name; it must mean that PT 24/7 is a blast! Or maybe you will be getting a killer body! Maybe you will go out with a bang! (okay, enough with the corny jokes.)

How to Choose a Fitness Trainer to Help You Get Super Sexy

How to Choose a Fitness Trainer

Weight loss isn’t easy. We all know that. So when you have the opportunity to get some professional help to get you motivated, achieve great results, and sculpt a sexier body, it can be greatly rewarding. Fitness trainers are well worth the money if you choose the right one. So how does one go about choosing a fitness trainer? There are so many to choose from! Read on to find out what your criteria should be for your fitness trainer…

1. Certification

This might seem obvious, but you should always make sure to check a fitness trainer’s certification. Are they up to date with their certification? Which program did they complete? Is it a reputable fitness association that awarded them their certification?

These questions are all important because they will tell you how much testing was done before the certification was achieved and that will tell you how knowledgeable this fitness trainer really is not what how they claim to be.

A knowledgeable fitness trainer will be there to answer any and all fitness and dieting questions you may have. With their knowledge, you become knowledgeable and make wiser decisions even when not by their side. They will also be able to tailor your workouts to your goals and body type because they know the science behind the workout.

Of course, there is more to a great fitness trainer than knowledge, so here is criteria number two:

2. Motivation

For some people, this gigantic aspect of fitness is their weakest point. That is why having a fitness trainer that will be able to keep you on the horse is so important.

The voice inside our heads telling us to give up are not as loud as a fitness trainer pushing us to finish our workouts strong. It is human nature to feel more accountable to another than to ourselves. Knowing that someone is going to be somewhere at a certain time and expects you to show up and give your all is a powerful motivation.

Your fitness trainer should also rub off on you. Their energy should be high and stay at that level during your workouts. Workouts should be fun and intense for best results. If anything, ask the fitness trainer candidate for a free first session to see if your satisfied with their mode of training.

3. Attentive

Your fitness trainer should be attentive to your needs. If you say you want to do more cardio, they should be able to oblige and if they notice you aren’t progressing in a certain area, they should address that and adjust your workouts accordingly.

They should also be concerned for your safety and make sure you are doing all the moves in good form to prevent injury. Yes, they should push you beyond your comfort zone but not into a stroke! Your fitness trainer should always be in the room with you and whenever necessary show you how to perform a certain move by completing it themselves.

No, your workouts aren’t the time to check their IM’s. No, your workouts aren’t free time for them to chat with the gym crowd. Their focus should always be intent on “YOU”!

4. Up to Date

Fitness is ever evolving. New and more efficient ways to burn fat and sculpt a sexy body are tested and found useful every year. You don’t want to be stuck with a fitness trainer stuck in the ’80s. Your trainer should be up to speed with all the new developments in the industry, always learning, always looking for the next best way to get you fit. How can you tell if they are? Ask them if they are a member of an association or do they attend fitness conventions. Ask them if they are currently taking classes or do they have a subscription to a fitness journal such as ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal. The answer should be positive to at least one of these questions.

The Low Down

Price and schedule are going to be your first instinct and obviously a big factor in your choosing a fitness trainer BUT- don’t forget these other crucial considerations before you make a decision. All these criterias will go a long way to getting you super sexy, which is why you are inlisting in a fitness trainer in the first place, right?

Also, don’t feel like you are trapped if you find you chose the wrong one. You didn’t marry them and you aren’t under contract. Politely let them go and find that special fitness trainer who will whip you into shape.


Why is Yoga Good For Runners?


Running is great for you and has so many positive impacts on your health and well being. But along with this you have to consider that for every mile you run, your feet hit the ground around a thousand times and couple this with the cambers of the road and even minute imbalances in the strides and you have a recipe for bad backs, knees, tight thighs and sore feet.

The pain is not caused by the running itself but more of the faults in technique and imbalances that running causes and exacerbates. Yoga may be at the opposite end of the exercise spectrum but the two work well in cohesion with each other. Where one works to strengthen and tighten the muscles the other works to lengthen and enhance flexibility.

The work on the flexibility of the muscles can not be understated in the benefits towards running as much of the time, the action of running will naturally leave many people feeling imbalanced with every step being taken forcing the muscles to work harder in compensation causing them to neglect the weaker muscles. Because of this the compensating muscles get tighter and tighter whilst the weaker muscles get weaker and weaker. This is not a good cycle to get caught in as tight or weak muscles will not work effectively as the shock absorbers that they should, this can in turn cause joints to rub and grind which is not good news for the running or sport enthusiast.

Yoga will help realign the imbalances by helping you focus on your own balance and strength of key muscles by increasing the range of motion, flexibility, suppleness and your own confidence in your body. By learning how to co-ordinate your breathing with each movement will in no doubt help you run for longer without injury, this is known as asana conditioning and used in combination with strengthening intrinsic muscle groups you will be able to support and stabilise your own core skeletal system often offsetting the one dimensional effects of a runner’s usual work out.

Just being more aware of your body is the first step in helping you treat your muscles that little bit better, understanding that some muscles will be working harder than others during a run is key to understanding how Yoga can really help you strengthen the muscles that are being neglected by the running. The practice of yoga also helps you recognise that each day is unique in terms of your own personal energy levels an just because you made a good time or distance the last time you trained, your muscles, aerobic capacity and general conditioning may be different on the day.

There are a lot more lessons to be learned by runners than just stretching and warming up effectively. Once you recognise the values of yoga marry perfectly with the exercises of running then you will reap the benefits of being able to run further, more effectively and with less down time for recovery.

Don’t discount the benefits of yoga for runners, a good yoga instructor will be able to set you some beginner positions to give a go and will be more than happy to help you realign yourself.

Alice is a freelance copywriter and practiced her yoga to compliment her running and never looked back and is a frequent visitor on Yoga Holidays at Spa Resorts and Hotels around the world. If you want any advice ask her below in the comment box and she’ll do her best to help.

Bally Fitness

A Fun Fitness Environment in Your Hometown

Bally Total Fitness

Some gyms can be stuffy, intimidating, dirty, or boring. Bally Fitness Centers are none of those things. In any one town there may be a dozen fitness clubs or personal training studios. They each have their individual niches that they cater too and they may be good at creating the right environment for the clients they are targeting but would you be able to find one in almost every major American town across the map? Bally Fitness is a national chain of gyms conveniently located for all types of people around the U.S.

When you become a member of a Bally Fitness Center in one town, you don’t have to worry about traveling or moving, there will most definitely be a Bally wherever you are going.

What Sets Bally Fitness Apart?

How do you feel when you walk into a gym? At first, you may feel out of place, a little nervous or embarrassed. You might feel like everyone is looking at you whispering about how dorky you look in those shorts. The trainers are paying attention to the beautiful people and down their nose at you. Man, that really gets you pumped for a good workout, huh? Umm, not really!

Bally Fitness Centers create the opposite environment. When you walk in the door, mostly what you see is smiling faces. You aren’t left for the wolves; you are greeted and catered to. You will never be left unsure, and if you look even the slightest bit lost a trainer will dash to your side eager to help you. The layout of every Bally Fitness Center is spread out and spacious, not cluttered and virtually on waiting for machines because there are so many different machines to use, you will never be bored.

Speaking of boredom, are you tired of the same old aerobic class? How about Zumba, Kwando, Aqua fitness, or Bosu Bootcamp? These are just a few of the classes offered at the nearest Bally Fitness Center. They also offer the staple classes that are widely popular like yoga, pilates, cycling, and step aerobics.

Above and Beyond

Bally Fitness Centers are fantastic on their own but have you checked out their website? If you’ve ever needed help with information on fitness and dieting, their website is a goldmine. It has exercise video demonstrations so that you can properly complete any workout that you want without injuring yourself and with the most benefits. Need to calculate your calories burned? They have a calculator determining your calories burned through activities based on your weight and intensity. With just a few short questions about who you are, what your experience is and your fitness goals, the Bally website will produce a workout schedule made especially for you to follow. Easy, right?

Need more help with the dieting side of weight loss? The Bally Fitness site will help you gain knowledge through tips on weight loss, information on the benefits of vitamins and minerals, how to curb your appetite, learning to cook healthy and so much more. After reading all the wondering material they have you will feel a step ahead of the game with so much useful information.

Is motivation what you are lacking? The Bally Fitness site also helps with tips on how to stay pumped and keep coming to the gym. They have stories of others who have successfully lost weight and tips on how to keep yourself engaged and determined to succeed.

Good Value, Too!

Bally Fitness Centers address all aspects of weight loss and fitness and do their utmost to help you achieve your individual health needs. Many people would be willing to pay well for this valuable service, but Bally doesn’t ask for that.

Bally Fitness Centers are incredibly affordable. Right now they have a special that offers everything at only $15 every two weeks with no enrollment fee. Sounds too good to be true? Well, if you still aren’t sure, Bally Fitness Centers always give you a free 7-day pass to their gym to try it before you buy it because they know you’ll love it. You’ll see long before the seven days are up that these fitness centers are make fitness fun!

Low Calorie Cooking And Training – The Miracle Weight Loss Program?

With all of the fad diets taking on our televisions, bookstores, and pantries, many individuals have forgotten the fundamentals of healthy living. When you are busy counting carbs, calculating fat grams, and popping fat burners, maybe it is best to think about that the “miracle” food regimen might very nicely be the oldest one in the book. Low calorie cooking and exercise might very likely be the secret to weight loss and healthy living.

A a long time ago, few folks knew what a carb was. Nevertheless, everyone knew that you simply tried your best to eat a wholesome, balanced diet. Now, nonetheless, low calorie cooking has been changed with complicated recipes with hard-to-find ingredients, all in the name of weight loss. How did this get so complicated? Is it doable which you can reduce weight without an advanced diploma in physics?

The true key to weight loss and wholesome dwelling is low calorie cooking and exercise. Most individuals have one of two issues with this method. One, it seems too easy, or two, it doesn’t magically make weight disappear.

Although people may say they need an easy answer to weight reduction, the truth is the complicated strategies make people really feel like they’re engaging in something. If it is as simple as decreasing calories, individuals are not continuously reminded of what they are doing, so it looks as if they’re doing nothing. This coupled with the second cause, it doesn’t make weight magically disappear, makes folks assume it does not work. People need to look within the mirror the day after starting a food regimen and see a difference. They want a manifestation of the exhausting work and energy they’re putting forth. Nevertheless, few long-time period options make a difference that quickly. Low calorie cooking and exercise usually are not able to getting you into skinny jeans in every week, but the true purpose ought to be long-time period health and fitness.

How do you incorporate low calorie cooking right into a eating regimen based in deep-fried food and sweets? The first step is to scale back the grease and sugar. You should not have to give it up completely, however make it a rare deal with instead of a staple in your diet. When cooking your common recipes, substitute components with more healthy alternate options or low calorie counterparts. For example, use low fats cheese and milk and veggies whenever possible.

You can too get train into your on a regular basis activities. Park in the far parking places at work or at the grocery retailer and opt for the steps as an alternative of the elevator. Every little bit helps get you into shape.

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Tilapia with Lemon-Parsley Sauce

The Benefits Of Fitness Camp

Visions of climbing walls and swinging from ropes over muddy puddles of water might be your concept of the boot camp, and they’re in all probability pretty accurate if taking into consideration Armed Forces simple training. However, physical fitness boot camps, for civilians, would a lot more closely be described as just plain old hard. But, these group fitness programs do not require a three year enlistment to participate, only a strong stomach, a substantial pain threshold, and perhaps a little through zealous penchant for self inflicted misery. A casual observer of the fitness bootcamp in a park or athletic field may possibly ponder: Is that a workout, or just a work-over?

Designing new conditioning boot camp workouts, creating new methods to make use of exercises, and coming up with new ideas for each and every bootcamp class can at times be a difficult task. You want to create your boot camp routines fun, but you also have to have to create them demanding sufficient so your campers will see remarkable results.

There are literally millions of suggestions and ideas you may consider when designing your physical fitness boot camp workouts. Here are a number of of our favourite boot camp tips which have helped us to propel our personal conditioning boot camps to success:

As a fitness trainer for close to 30 years, I have witnessed the advent of many trends within the industry: aerobic dance, step classes, sport precise training, pilates and even hot yoga. Most recently, with much effectively documented research showing the superior effects of strength education and especially interval primarily based work outs on excess fat loss, the conditioning boot camp format has turn out to be a favored of those attempting to resurrect their bodies.

Intensity rules the day if the purpose is maximum extra fat loss and muscle gain. Unfortunately, pushing consumers in a bootcamp setting becomes overkill when effectively intended instructors in no way pump the brakes. That is what higher intensity interval instruction is all about. Entitled HIIT for short, interval based coaching is just that: brief doses of quite hard exercise, repeated immediately after a break, either as long, or slightly longer or shorter depending on the effect the teaching is created to create. For example, if fats loss is priority one, then shorter rest periods are allowed between do the job intervals. If muscle building is in order, operate to relaxation ratios may well expand so that twice the time is spent recovering. This genuinely is the beauty of HIIT. It can be massaged to meet precise goals.

1. You can have partners total the exercises together (ex. spouse push-ups,) have them take turns (ex.

2. Tabata’s: Tabata education is one of the most efficient forms of coaching it is doable to do from the shortest quantity of time. Use exercises which are tough and attempt to involve the larger muscle teams when possible. ) You can decide on workouts like: squats, sprints, mountain climbers, etc. Your campers will love/hate this one!

est quantity of time. Use workout routines which are difficult and seek to include the greater muscle groups when possible. ) You can choose workouts like: squats, sprints, mountain climbers, etc. Your campers will love/hate this one!

3. That is a terrific approach to get up your camper’s heart rates and give them an excellent range of physical exercises in one particular workout. Circuits also perform fantastic if you have minimal equipment because every person will have the chance to work at every single station.

4. Timed Workouts: These are best inside a group setting because everybody can work at their personal pace. I like to select a time (based around the physical exercises involved) and also have campers complete as quite a few rounds from the work outs as they can in the allotted time. For example: I would have my campers accomplish rounds of eight reverse lunges (on each and every side), eight push-ups, and eight burpees as several times through as they are able to in 12 minutes.

5. Numbered Sets: These are a different great way to motivate your bootcamp to operate harder. Pick a number of exercises, for example: ten squats, 13 push-ups, ten mountain climbers, and 1 lap around a distance of your choice. Have your campers accomplish five rounds as quickly as possible. This typically works seriously effectively simply because campers are at all times attempting to beat their pals to the finish. Just be sure you may have go-to workouts (or back-up exercises) prepared for people who finish early.

6. Occasionally I will turn the challenge into a partner exercise and have them do the job collectively to reach the goal. For example, if one of many workouts from the problem is 100 squats, every single associate would full 50 reps of squats. It is great to see how challenging your campers will do the job inside a challenge.

When clients are asked to endure long spells of redundant drills, for example, 13 thrust ups combined with 25 yard sprints, only to repeat another 15 sets with the same torturous duo without rest, intensity is diluted by the sheer volume of the repetitions. Intensity and volume are at opposite ends in the exercise continuum. If a drill is extremely hard, it are not able to also be very long; following all, if anything is hard to do, it can not be done a prolonged time by the really nature with the task. One can walk 2 miles, but could never sprint the same distance.

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How One Can Lose Weight With Zumba

I love Zumba

Zumba has transform broadly in style as it gives a very unique strategy to shedding weight. Masses of thousands of individuals have shed the pounds for just right, going only for 2 to 3 workout routines each week. There are a couple of other tips you need to have to bear in mind too, if you need optimum effects for the lengthy term. Zumba is a fun and enjoyable method to lose fat.

The Zumba Manner

Zumba fuses each Latin and world music and dance alternatives, thereby creating an excessively exciting, dynamic and creative fitness program. The exercises are characterised through both fitness and aerobic interval coaching that combines each gradual and rapid movements to sculpt and tone the whole body. Zumba makes use of period coaching and resistance training principles to boost calorie and fat burn. The entire frame will get toned with special results on problems areas like the glutes, hands, abs and legs. The heart advantages a lot because of the continuous drift of the workout.

Zumba mixes frame sculpting actions with really easy to apply dance movements such as the cumbia, mambo, salsa, merengue and flamenco. Other varieties also are introduced like stomach dance and hip hop. The dances incorporate so many actions like hip swivelling, toe tapping, arm swinging, etc. to make people want to transfer and burn energy more. The get advantages of Zumba is that you don’t feel like you’re running out. All of the 1-hour consultation takes on a party surroundings so they can stay you coming back for more.

What to Expect

One of the most advantages of Zumba while looking to lose weight is that the workout does no longer require much. You don’t want to be knowledgeable in dancing or have any background. You can additionally wear any form of loose comfortable clothing. It places fun back into the health program. There aren’t any age necessities as well. Youngsters, sedentary individuals and the elderly can still experience and burn additional calories throughout the program. Zumba Gold is to be had in particular for individuals who have a difficult time shifting or are restrained in a wheelchair.

Such a lot classes in so much cases remaining 1 hour. Teachers usually choreograph their own personal regimen, even supposing they do pass to workshops and sign up for forums and an inside community in which they can regularly hone their craft and provde the perfect burn for a greater body. You’ll be able to burn a minimal of 450 calories in a single session. You only want to exercise 2 to 3 occasions each and every week to get the consequences you want.

Why It is Ideal

Zumba is the suitable health software for individuals aiming to eliminate the extra pounds because it takes away not unusual pitfalls like boredom, tricky actions and really sluggish results. You’ll be able to be expecting results in a question of two weeks or so, depending at the intensity and your nutrition program. Since the track is among the major elements of the workout, you keep entertained during, giving your extra opportunities to be consistent on your fitness routine.

Most people admit hating to skip Zumba classes because it is doubtless one of the highest how one can unwind, even as staying lean and healthy. Zumba classes are also very affordable. You’ll be ready to sign up in advance or go for trial sessions to have an idea how this system goes. Check the to be had classes close to your house and assess the history of the instructors.


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