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Some gyms can be stuffy, intimidating, dirty, or boring. Bally Fitness Centers are none of those things. In any one town there may be a dozen fitness clubs or personal training studios. They each have their individual niches that they cater too and they may be good at creating the right environment for the clients they are targeting but would you be able to find one in almost every major American town across the map? Bally Fitness is a national chain of gyms conveniently located for all types of people around the U.S.

When you become a member of a Bally Fitness Center in one town, you don’t have to worry about traveling or moving, there will most definitely be a Bally wherever you are going.

What Sets Bally Fitness Apart?

How do you feel when you walk into a gym? At first, you may feel out of place, a little nervous or embarrassed. You might feel like everyone is looking at you whispering about how dorky you look in those shorts. The trainers are paying attention to the beautiful people and down their nose at you. Man, that really gets you pumped for a good workout, huh? Umm, not really!

Bally Fitness Centers create the opposite environment. When you walk in the door, mostly what you see is smiling faces. You aren’t left for the wolves; you are greeted and catered to. You will never be left unsure, and if you look even the slightest bit lost a trainer will dash to your side eager to help you. The layout of every Bally Fitness Center is spread out and spacious, not cluttered and virtually on waiting for machines because there are so many different machines to use, you will never be bored.

Speaking of boredom, are you tired of the same old aerobic class? How about Zumba, Kwando, Aqua fitness, or Bosu Bootcamp? These are just a few of the classes offered at the nearest Bally Fitness Center. They also offer the staple classes that are widely popular like yoga, pilates, cycling, and step aerobics.

Above and Beyond

Bally Fitness Centers are fantastic on their own but have you checked out their website? If you’ve ever needed help with information on fitness and dieting, their website is a goldmine. It has exercise video demonstrations so that you can properly complete any workout that you want without injuring yourself and with the most benefits. Need to calculate your calories burned? They have a calculator determining your calories burned through activities based on your weight and intensity. With just a few short questions about who you are, what your experience is and your fitness goals, the Bally website will produce a workout schedule made especially for you to follow. Easy, right?

Need more help with the dieting side of weight loss? The Bally Fitness site will help you gain knowledge through tips on weight loss, information on the benefits of vitamins and minerals, how to curb your appetite, learning to cook healthy and so much more. After reading all the wondering material they have you will feel a step ahead of the game with so much useful information.

Is motivation what you are lacking? The Bally Fitness site also helps with tips on how to stay pumped and keep coming to the gym. They have stories of others who have successfully lost weight and tips on how to keep yourself engaged and determined to succeed.

Good Value, Too!

Bally Fitness Centers address all aspects of weight loss and fitness and do their utmost to help you achieve your individual health needs. Many people would be willing to pay well for this valuable service, but Bally doesn’t ask for that.

Bally Fitness Centers are incredibly affordable. Right now they have a special that offers everything at only $15 every two weeks with no enrollment fee. Sounds too good to be true? Well, if you still aren’t sure, Bally Fitness Centers always give you a free 7-day pass to their gym to try it before you buy it because they know you’ll love it. You’ll see long before the seven days are up that these fitness centers are make fitness fun!

Crystal is our new weight loss expert and we're excited to have her on board! She offers her perspective in a new regular opinion column. Crystal is a professional health and fitness writer with expertise in the diet, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and health related fields. She is also a certified personal trainer, former owner of HotMommas Fitness Bootcamp in NW Washington, and a mother of five.