Acai Berry Scam: Did You Fall For It?


Acai berries are exotic, they taste great, and they are all the hype, but are they really the magic fruit for weight loss?

There is a simple answer to this. NO!

There is no one single thing on the earth that will magically make you drip off the fat like butter. Sure, some things can be helpful, and acai berries are one of these things, but no more than any other superfood with high antioxidant levels.

Blueberries, cranberries, strawberries, even red wine can be attributed to filling the body with healthy free radical antioxidants that combat stressors that cause aging and dare I say it- a slowed metabolism.

So, how on earth did the acai berry start its weight loss stardom story?

Think about where the acai berry comes from. The Amazon is in a poor country with people who aren’t worried much about weight loss, they just want to have enough food to get through the day. Along comes a rich entrepreneur who learns about these berries and all he sees are dollar signs. He is capable of harvesting these berries for next to nothing and all it takes is a little marketing in the US and BAM! the next big thing in weight loss is born.

These marketers are not only overcharging consumers but using direct lies to get people to buy their products. Oprah and Dr.Oz were outraged to find out that their names were being used to back many acai products without their consent. Read their formal disclaiming of acai products here.

It is the same as the Wu Yi tea, Goji berries, and the other products being imported to the US by the truckload. These foods have been used for hundreds or thousands of years by the people of its native country as real food, not as a weight loss supplement.

Let’s cut this short- there has never been any study proving that acai berries are the miracle cure for obesity. Check out this article to see the proof for yourself.

Due to the business practices of these supplement companies, even the Better Business Bureau is warning against them. These companies lure consumers in with a “free trial”. Who doesn’t want to try something for free? Always read the fine print. The trial was free but you had to cancel your subscription by the end of your trial in order to avoid hefty monthly billings. Even if you did remember to cancel, good luck getting ahold of the companies! Email addresses and telephone numbers are often wrong or you can never make contact. ABC News released an eye opening article on these companies and their misleading tactics. Read it here .

Acai berries do have beneficial antioxidant properties like many other berries that you can buy for WAY less money. Don’t buy into the acai berry scam. Buy local berries instead. They are fresher and so contain more nutrients, plus they are much easier on your wallet!

Crystal is our new weight loss expert and we're excited to have her on board! She offers her perspective in a new regular opinion column. Crystal is a professional health and fitness writer with expertise in the diet, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and health related fields. She is also a certified personal trainer, former owner of HotMommas Fitness Bootcamp in NW Washington, and a mother of five.