10 Best Weight Loss Sites



We all love the wonderful world wide web; information at our fingertips. The internet has also been a huge way for people to make money and among those that are raking in the money are the fitness industry.

How can you distinguish between those that are trying to rob you and those who are really delivering information that will help you lose weight? Where are those websites that will really be helpful in your weight loss journey? To make things easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of these trustworthy sites.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Weight Loss Sites that we find useful:

  • Nutrition Data.Self.comThis site is a wealth of information on everything you could ever think about putting in your mouth. You can search for whatever food you like to research and choose your serving and they will give you a list of all the nutritional data on that food. They will tell you calories, vitamins, minerals, fiber, fat, sugars, and sodium. They will also tell you how the food ranks on the glycemic index, caloric ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats, and even the inflammation factor. Wanna really dig deep into the facts on a food? There is a link at the bottom of the information that will bring you to even more useful information pertaining to how useful this food will be to weight loss and fitness. It will break down the fullness factor of the food, the quality of the protein amino acids, and the complete nutritional density of a food. Self even adds a short little paragraph highlighting the main benefits of the food. This website is the best place to brush up on your food I.Q. and find out which foods you should be eating when you can’t seem to get full, or you need a little more energy throughout the day.
  • Sparkpeople.comThis free website’s mission is to “spark millions of people to live healthier lives and their goals,” hence the name. It has been likened to the Facebook of dieting. This website has it all! Not only does this website give you tailored fitness plans, eating plans, and motivation, but it will also track your progress for you, give you recipes, and also deliver you daily tips from experts in the dieting field. They get you motivated through success stories, challenges, and awards and trophies whenever you reach a goal marker. One of the greatest feature is to be able to connect with like minded people who know how you feel.
  • BodyRockTVThis website is a “come exercise with me” type website. First you get to watch the workout being done and then you get the written explanation with pictures. Almost all the workouts are under 30 minutes but they are very effective. This website developed from a girl being videotaped doing push ups in her basement to a worldwide following of “Bodyrockers” with a special bond with the couple who started the site and with each other.
  • WeightWatchers.comThis is one of the only paid programs we have on this list, but its only $5 a week. This is like having the meetings through the computer at your own convenience. There are thousands of recipes to try, fitness videos to get you moving, a program to track you food intake that can even be downloaded onto your smartphone to help you stay on track no matter where you are.
  • EatingWell.comThis online version of the popular magazine is a great free resource for specific dietary needs. Whether you are looking for low cal, low fat, diabetic, or anti-inflammatory, EatingWell has recipes for you.
  • ExerciseTV- This website has too many to count workout videos for sale but there are also many free workouts that you can watch right on your computer. These will come in very handy when you need a quick workout that you don’t want to think about or when you don’t want to leave the house to get in your daily fitness.
  • Prevention.comPrevention has been around forever. That doesn’t mean that their information is out of date, it just means that they have survived because they are great at giving you the right information when you need it most. This website will give you fantastic tips, recipes, stories, celebrities overcoming weight loss challenges and so much more.
  • 3fatchicksI’m going to take a wild guess and say that these three fat chicks have gotten a lot slimmer since they started their blog. How could they not when they have such a great blog to keep them up to speed on the dieting world? This website is geared toward support and information on dieting but they touch on many different aspects of health including seasonal allergies to family fitness.
  • The Daily BurnThis website is so technologically advanced that they have apps for everything to do with weight loss. All you have to do is answer a couple of questions, type in your info, your goals and voila! They splurt out your calorie intake, fitness schedule, and much more. You get a list of recommended apps to download to your phone to help you along the way. Some of them are really cool, like this MealSnap App that tells you how many calories are in your meal from a picture from your phone. The FoodScanner App will scan the barcode on any food and tell you the nutritional data for that food. You even get a daily progress report that will either tell you to get your little buns in gear or give you a pat on the pack for such hard work.
  • WeightLossThing.com- This website pretty much blows the rest of them right out of the water! Wow, what an amazing site! I especially like that fitness expert. Man she’s a genius! And there is even more information on any product you could ever think about buying to aid in your weight loss goals. This is definitely the site to check before making any purchases for weight loss.

There you have it folks! These websites are great resources with trustworthy information, motivation, and insight on tried and true ways to beat the battle of the bulge, and kick that extra weight to the curb.

Crystal is our new weight loss expert and we're excited to have her on board! She offers her perspective in a new regular opinion column. Crystal is a professional health and fitness writer with expertise in the diet, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, and health related fields. She is also a certified personal trainer, former owner of HotMommas Fitness Bootcamp in NW Washington, and a mother of five.